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Camp Etna Cottages for Rent

The Gingerbread House on Pond Street


The Cottage at 10 Barrett Square

Cottages for Rent at Camp Etna, Etna Maine

Rent by the week or weekend Fri, Sat and Sun

Contact: 207-453-6133



The Gingerbread House
10 Barrett Square Cottage

10 BarrettSquare

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A short walk to Etna Pond through the woods

Located in a Spiritualist Community


Welcome To Camp Etna! 

Camp Etna was founded over 135 years ago as a Spiritualist Camp Meeting and we continue that tradition. We are a community situated on 27 acres in Etna, Maine. Throughout the years, it has been home to many talented mediums, healers, and others who have continually worked to bring spiritual understanding and harmony to all.


The camp cottages center around a common green. The camp offers activities in the months of July and August and people from all spiritual disciplines are invited to participate in the programs, classes and workshops. 

We invite you to take a quiet moment to visit the various healing grounds, relax on the porch, or walk through the woods to Etna Pond. The daily activities will refresh and revitalize you. This is a wonderfully healing vacation option for those seeking to reconnect spiritually in a natural setting.




Mediumship Readings with Owners

Bonnie Lee Gibson by appointment, phone or in person

Ernie VanDenBossche by appointment, phone or in person


Camp Etna Cottages for Rent

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