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Antique Wood Ouija Boards and Planchettes For Sale. Buy Ouija Game
Boards, Spirit Talking Boards

Buy Ouija Board Games by William Fuld, Kennard, Simmons, Hasko, more

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#OB276 Kennard Board 1891 $850
#OB280 Russell Rucker Board 1920'ish $650

Mitche Manitou 1920s


Fuld Board 1910-1915



One of a Kind?

Fuld Board 1910-1915



Fuld Board 1910-1915


#OB286 Fuld - 1930s
#OB266 Fuld - 1930s

Fuld - 1920-30s



Fuld - 1920s



Fuld - 1920-30s

#OB272 Drueke"Mystic Soothsayer" Talking Board 1940s $120

Hasko Egyptian Mystic Board 1940s

#OB282 The Talking Board $180
#OB287 The Magical Wizard Talking Board $160
#OB288 Morton E. Converse Ouija $240
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"Ouija Board, The Secret Power" on YouTube

HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY of FULDS at www.williamfuld.com

Baltimore Sun Article about Ouija Headstone PDF File

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All prices include FREE SHIPPING within continental USA when ordering and paying through this website. All transactions by phone, mail or email; will pay cost of shipping. Orders outside the continental US need to pay additional shipping as per cost of shipping. These are antiques, we do not repair, clean, restore or alter them. You get the real thing. NEW FELTS for planchettes included when needed.


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