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My Old Post Card Collection of the Temple Heights Area

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Temple Heights

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TH_park_people_steamboat_PC.jpg (64806 bytes)   THNorthportStore.jpg (22931 bytes)    TH_park_looking_up.jpg (28722 bytes)   Northport_pier_at_templeheights_halfscreen.jpg (22712 bytes)


Saturday Cove

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     Northport_Rockland_Landing.jpg (31717 bytes)  templeheights_postcard_wharf.jpg (32719 bytes)  TempleHcottagerowBestshotPC.jpg (89129 bytes)   TempleHeightsCottageRow.jpg (30151 bytes)  Dutch's Inn Northport  PostCard.jpg (37996 bytes)  templeheights_steamer_wharf2.jpg (23332 bytes)  BaysideStreet_northportcamp_postcard.jpg (32739 bytes)  Northport Hotel_PC.jpg (23327 bytes)  northportcampgrond133.jpg (41651 bytes)    Waquoit Hotel, Northport.jpg (23532 bytes)  bayside_postcard-a21.jpg (34670 bytes)      Northport_EasternSteamboatLanding.jpg (19033 bytes)

northport_street.jpg (32325 bytes)




Belfast Harbor Schooner PC.jpg (35085 bytes)  belfast_dock_1909.jpg (36379 bytes)  Great Fire of Belfast 1865.jpg (149686 bytes)  Steamer Belfast - birches.jpg (23211 bytes) 



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Cottage on the Ocean



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